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Dental Implants

Ramsey Dental Implant Restorations Near Mahwah & Wycoff - Functional & Cosmetic Dental Services

When looking to replace a missing tooth, or teeth, dental implants can provide you with the aesthetic and functional support to provide you with a seamless and natural looking smile. At the Ramsey practice of Dr. Laura Randolph, we work with skilled oral surgeons and periodontists to ensure that your implant restorations create a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. 

How Dental Implants Work

Each implant restoration is made of three different parts. The base of the implant is the post, made using biocompatible titanium. The biocompatibility of this post means that once implanted into the jaw, it will fuse to the structure of the bone, making it function like the root of a natural tooth. With the implant placed, a healing abutment will cap the post, ensuring that it heals properly. At our Ramsey dental practice, we partner with local periodontists and oral surgeons to place your implant posts, leaving you with a more effective and comfortable restoration.

With the implant healed and fused to the jaw, the final abutment and the dental restoration can be fabricated, and eventually placed by Dr. Randolph. These restorations, including singular crowns, bridges, and dentures are supported by the implants, and are matched to the shade of your teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Along with their aesthetic appeal, implant-based restorations do not rely on the neighboring teeth for support, preventing wear on non-target teeth. Dental implants contribute to the long term stability of your jaw. When missing teeth, the lack of structural jaw stimulation can cause the bone to deteriorate, changing the shape of your bite and overall facial appearance, causing premature aging. However, due to the root-like structure of implants, your jaw will maintain its shape and long term integrity. 

Cosmetic Restoration Materials

At our Ramsey practice, we use quality materials in your implant restoration, giving you an appealing smile without sacrificing the strength of the tooth. Zirconia abutments and restorations appear as natural teeth, combining the semi translucence of real teeth, with the ability to match your restoration to the shade of the rest of your smile. The strength of this material is also unlikely to chip, making it ideal for both front teeth and molars. 

Start Restoring Your Smile Today

Whether looking to replace a single tooth, or a full arch, Dr. Laura Randolph is prepared to assist you in restoring balance and cosmetic appeal to your smile. We provide implant restorations to patients throughout Ramsey, Mahwah, Upper Saddle River, Wyckoff, and Allendale.

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